• zoeolver

Meet The Maker

Hi, my name is Zoe. I am the designer and maker at Umlaut Jewellery. I though it was about time I shared a little bit about myself.

When I was 18 years old I discovered my passion for making jewellery because I was frustrated with the selection of jewellery available in stores. Everything seemed to be the same as the next. I didn't want to wear the same exact piece of jewellery as millions of other women around the world. Plus the jewellery would go out of style or brake before you even got a chance to wear them. Thus contributing to the disposable fashion culture.

I've always been a creative person, making things with my hands. So when I met a friend of the family who showed me how to make a pair of cute button earrings ideas started to fly. I launched the brand Sleepy Moon Design in 2009. Everything was great, but I was also working full time as a barista. Which didn't give me enough time to make much jewellery. So for the next 7 years I worked full time and made jewellery on the side until my creative heart started calling. After having my daughter in January 2017 and going on maternity leave I decided that it was time to start making jewellery full time and took the leap to launch Umlaut Jewellery.

Now enough about jewellery, some fun and random facts about me...

*I moved around a lot when I was growing up. From Saskatoon where I was born to the Comox valley to Victoria, Montreal and Vancouver. In fact I have lived in more houses than I am old and I've gone to 7 different schools.

*I have two children and like 10 or more plant babies.

*I love food, spicy food, cooking and eating in general!

*I love to be outside exploring in nature!

Now you know a little about me! Thanks for reading!