• zoeolver

New packaging!!

I’m super excited to share some of my new packaging for shipping jewellery to you. 

If you’ve ever shipped something within or from Canada you might have heard of the “slot of doom”. Basically any package over 1” of thickness costs A LOT OF MONEY! Anything under 1” is a much more digestible number. 

I have battled this problem of offering beautiful full size packaging or affordable shipping costs since I’ve been in business and I’ve never found that solution that was just right. 

Until now! This winter I did some intense searching and finally found a box that is the right size! It’s called The Slot Box and they are a local company right here on Vancouver Island in Victoria, BC. 

Next time you place an order for some Umlaut Jewellery you will receive your jewellery in this special box. I am super excited to hear what you all think of the new packaging. So next time you receive an order I’d love to hear from you. 

Don’t be shy.

~ Zoë