• zoeolver

My current favourite stone - Aegerine

I stumbled upon this dark and mysterious gem by accident. I had never heard of Aegerine when I was browsing at a local gem and mineral show here in Vancouver when these beautiful black shards caught my eye. My head was instantly flooded with ideas of what I could make. I sorted through the big bin and found a few that stood out to me. 

When I got home I made the necklace in the photo above. Little did I know how popular this necklace and stone would be. Within a few weeks of listing these necklaces for sale they were all sold out. With customers wanting more. Unfortunately I couldn't just go and get more aegerine because the gem show only comes a few times a year. 

After a year of waiting I am super excited that I am once again fully stocked with Aegerine crystals. I spent a good 45 minutes going through the bin of stones to find the best ones to make into necklaces. 

I love this dark and mysterious crystal! 

About Aegerine

"A Stone of Integrity and Self, Aegirine is a most noble crystal, aligning with one's truest convictions in life and providing the courage and confidence to follow those convictions. It encourages acceptance of self and others, and to follow the heart. With its connection to the earth and the natural world, Aegirine activates a strong, protective energy, guarding the aura and physical body, as well as fortifying the Spirit in times of difficulty. It eliminates negative thoughts, energies and attachments, and replaces them with the Light of the positive. It promotes wholeness and healing."